Centre for legal and economic studies

Head of the Centre:
Prof Franjo Štiblar, PhD

T: +386 1 42 03 139
E: [email protected]

  • The Centre is focused on legal and economic studies of a qualitative nature and a broader social aspect.
  • The studies cover the mezzo and macro areas of law and economics as a priority.
  • The Centre develops economic analysis of law, law and economics, theory of legal and economic science, theoretical foundations and application of EU acquis in our legislation, social dilemmas ...
  • It cooperates internationally with EBI, INET, LINK and other institutions.
  • It organises domestic and international IPP consultations.
  • It organises lectures for the public and also consultations of an internal nature.


EBI Conference: What is the future for small commercial banks in Europe?

Conference of the European Banking Institute (Frankfurt), "What is the future for small commercial banks in Europe?" as held on Friday, 19 October 2018 at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana. The conference was organised by our Institute's Centre for Legal and Economic Studies led by Prof. Franjo Štiblar.

Conference programme

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