The institute was established on 19 May 1997 by the Faculty of Law with the consent of the rector of the University of Ljubljana with the purpose of creating a renowned professional institution in the field of legal science, dealing mainly with the following activities:
  • research and study of the current development of legal theory in comparative law,
  • methodologically and strategically focused research in the field of harmonisation of Slovenian legal system with the acquis communautaire of the European Union,
  • providing domestic and international training and education in the field of comparative law,
  • preparing expert legal opinions, especially on issues concerning foreign legal systems.

The institute is particularly active in the fields of civil, commercial, labour, constitutional and administrative law. Main emphasis is given to the study of present legal issues to which domestic law and legal practice do not yet offer clear answers. The comparative analysis of the regulation in foreign legal systems can offer valuable insights in dealing with such issues and devising new regulatory solutions. The institute tries to follow in its research policy the modern trends of comparative law and contribute with the results of the research to the qualitative development of Slovenian legislation, legal theory and legal practice.

The expertise obtained in our research should not remain limited to the academic sphere; therefore the institute tries to disseminate its know-how to users both in public and private sector and to the students of law through its educational and consultancy activities.

The work of the institute is organised in five research centres covering the main areas of research:
  • Centre for civil law (head: Prof Dr Miha Juhart)
  • Centre for commercial law (head: Prof Dr Klemen Podobnik)
  • Centre for constitutional law (head: Prof Dr Franc Grad)
  • Centre for labour and social law (head: Prof Dr Grega Strban)
  • Centre for legal and economic studies (head: Prof Dr Franjo Štiblar)
  • Centre for Sports Law and Economics (head: Prof Dr Katarina Zajc)