Overview of Educational Activities

One of the main guiding principles of the institute is that the knowledge obtained through our research should not remain limited to the academic sphere, but should be disseminated broadly to users both in private and public sector. For this reason, the institute regularly organises expert seminars, symposia and conferences, especially in the framework of particular research projects or as a follow-up of current events and newly adopted legislation. These summits provide an opportunity to spread the results of our research work to the professional milieu and to introduce their potential application in practice. Apart from the distribution of expertise, such events enable us to obtain feedback on existing current issues that the legal and business practice are facing and that present potential subject matter of our future study. Occasionally, professional seminars are organised with the purpose of providing information to legal practitioners on new regulations, new legal instruments and current developments in the legal theory and practice of the courts.

Most of our researchers also act regularly as lecturers in the framework of under-graduate and post-graduate study at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ljubljana and at other faculties in Slovenia and abroad and thus help spread the results of the institute’s research activities to law students. Members of the research group have acted as tutors to students in the preparation of numerous graduate, masters and doctoral theses.

In agreement with specific clients, the institute organises tailor-made training pro-grammes or seminars adapted to the needs of the client’s employees, customers or other focused public.