Overview of research activities

The central activity of the institute is scientific research and study of the current development of legal theory in comparative law both on domestic and international level. The use of comparative method in legal science comprises mainly of assessment of the same element (e.g. a certain legal instrument or the regulation of a certain issue) in various legal systems in order to determine its common features, similarities and differences. The methodological and strategic study of harmonisation of Member States’ national legal systems plays a pivotal role in the plethora of institute’s research areas.

Comparative legal analysis is never a purpose in itself since its results provide a priceless basis for the preparation of Slovenian legislation and other legal documents and convey useful information for the development of Slovenian legal theory and practice. The institute disseminates this knowledge in the framework of its consultancy and education activities.

Due to its methodological orientation, the activity of the institute is not focused narrowly into a single branch of law; the scope of its main material fields of research are broader, reaching from civil, commercial, EU law, competition law and labour law to constitutional and administrative law. Accordingly, the work at the institute is organised in several research centres. The institute carries out both basic theoretical research and applied research in legal science.