Nomotechnical Days

The Institute for Comparative Law in cooperation with the Government Office for Legislation organises each May in Ljubljana the conference named The Nomotechnical Days with the purpose of discussing the current questions of the nomotechnics. The target audience of this conference includes everyone that comes in touch with the preparation of various kinds of legal regulation on the national, regional, municipal or European level. The nomotechnical science is studying the art and principles of the formation of legal regulations from the methodological, structural and linguistic aspects. More specific subjects of the study are the structure of legislation, the distinction between basic and executive norms, cross-referencing in legislation, translation and publication of legal instruments, etc. Appropriate structure of both the content and the form of regulations, precise formulation of rules, consistent use of the established legal terminology and the reliance on the technical and linguistic guidelines contribute to the transparency and clarity of the legislation. Thorough preparation of legal regulations is necessary to enable good regulatory solutions to live in practice and to be used uniformly, thus providing clarity and transparency of the legal system, necessary for the provision of legal certainty as one of the pillars of a dynamic economic environment. The appropriate systematic placement of specific norms in the hierarchy of the regulation and the pro-cedural aspects of the legislative activity also need to be taken into account. The issues of nomotechnics have been neglected in Slovenia for too long. This became markedly apparent in the period of Slovenia’s approaching to the EU, when a massive transposition of European legal acts into Slovenian legal order took place and the lack of time prevented a thorough study of the appropriate systematic placement of each individual norm. This brought about the duplication of European regulations and directives in the form of Slovenian legislative acts; the non-critical acceptance of foreign structuring of regulations and the “flattening” of the legal order, resulting from the equalisation of both the principles and the technical executive norms from European directives at the hierarchical level of a legislative norm. The aim of the conference is to inform the interested public of the current nomotechnical challenges and the formation of a wide professional consensus concerning the development of clear principles of Slovenian nomotechnics.

The Archive of Previous Nomotechnical Days

14 April 2004, Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Franc Grad
18 May 2005, Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Albin Igličar
17 May 2006, Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Franc Grad
23 May 2007, Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Albin Igličar
21 May 2008, Faculty of Law, Ljubljana
Moderator: Prof. Dr. Franc Grad